When we got married, we thought we would be pretty good parents one day.  You know, cool under pressure, patient, supportive, leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc.....but then we had kids and all of that changed.   We quickly learned even those parents who make it look easy need a little help from time to time.  

As our family grew, so did the chaos.  Too often we struggled with the daily challenges of raising young kids and couldn't find any tools to help us. So we decided to create our own, and N+B was born.  Our products are designed to help manage daily conflicts and make parenting a little easier. 

With three kids of our own, life sometimes feels like a circus.  Sure, there are still days when we struggle to keep our cool.  But now we have solutions to help. Hopefully they’ll make your life a little easier and perhaps a little more fun!   

Jess + Andrew


….toys for cooler parents