What is your shipping policy?

Orders are usually processed within 24 - 48 hours after we receive your order. We ship orders via US Postal Service Priority Mail and First Class. The typical transit time is 2-4 business days, depending on your shipping location. Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories can take longer. Orders shipped to US Military APO/FPO addresses can take up to 30-45 days or longer. You can visit www.usps.com for more detailed information about their services. As with any shipment service, there can be unexpected delays beyond our control.  Orders are only processed Monday - Friday, but not on Holidays (we need breaks, too), and there can be delays in order processing during our busy times of the year.

What is the most effective way to use the Posi-tokens?

We use these tokens for both large and small rewards. We also found the kids were more motivated when competing against their siblings or another person.....not surprisingly . We found by starting small our kids we able to understand the concept very quickly.  That is, make the initial rewards easily achievable so your kids recognize the reward concept and then build up over time. 

What type of special treats do you recommend with the Meal Wheel?

Dessert always works best for us but we'd love to know what works for you.  We also and extra book before bedtime or perhaps staying up a few minutes late.  It really depends on what motivates your children the most effectively and what fits best with your family schedule. 

How many Doin' Time magnets should we use at one time?

We only put a few tags on the clock at any time.  Otherwise it gets a little confusing.  We've found it works best to put the tags out far enough in advance for the kids to recognize that time is ticking away and the deadline is approaching.  We remind our kids of the timeframe by pointing to the clock rather than shall we say "raising or voices".  Now you can blame the clock! 

What happens if I can't get my child to stop telling a funny story?

We know what you mean!  We've been playing for years and some stories are still going.  While this is a good thing, we often have to remind our kids that they're, "losing their audience".  We suggest they pause the story until the next time the land on the story section.   If not, you could be there 'til dessert!

Are there any special instructions for the Doin' Time clock?

We recommend sitting down with you kids and going over the day's schedule.  Have them place the magnets on the clock accoridng to what they think task order should be.  It will be fun for them, and amusing for you.  After some minor adjustments on your part, be sure to place the clock in a highly visible location so they can check it as often as needed.