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Top 10 reasons the #DadLife rules—according to my kids



One of our kids resists all things new.   Food, activities, events, you name it.  Regardless of the potential outcome, his policy is say "no" first, ask questions later.  People smarter than us label this a "stage" or a "condition".  We label it "really annoying"! Yesterday, our child threw out the familiar, "I reeeeeally don't want to do that."  To which we responded, "Do you think you could be a little more positive about trying new things?"  "Sure" he said, "I'm positive I reeeeeeeally don't want to do that."   Ugh!  

Posi-tokens to the rescue.  
Stay cool out there.



The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are the gateway to discovering the truth about Santa.  All year long, children are reminded of a jolly old man from the North Pole, but the TF and the EB just don't get enough press.  There's no backstory!  Santa's tale, however, covers all the bases.  He has a home, a job, a vehicle, a few pets, a life partner.  On the other hand, we tell a story about a giant rabbit who sneaks into our house, leaves a pile of candy, and then hides eggs all over the yard.  Rabbits don't even lay eggs!  It's amazing what kids will believe when you throw candy at them. Sadly, it doesn't last long enough.

Fortunately, our youngest child, who is six, is still a firm believer.  He lost a tooth yesterday, his second.  Surprisingly, our oldest child (a nonbeliever) offered to help write a note to the TF.   He said he wanted to help our youngest, "have a good experience.”  We thought this was touching--slightly suspicious—but touching, and an act of kindness that will no doubt be used as a negotiating chip in the future.  The boys wrote the letter, stuck it under the pillow, and went to sleep.

In the morning we asked our youngest if the TF came.  Sure enough, there was a $1 bill under his pillow.

"Isn't that exciting?" we asked, expecting an enthusiastic response.
"Not really," he replied.
"Oh no, how come?"
"Well, the TF didn't leave me a note."

Whoops! We thought while deflecting a glance of judgment from our oldest.  Little did they know the TF got home at 11:30pm last night, and didn't have time to write a stupid note. Ok, re-focus.  "Well, what about the $1?  That's nice, right?"

"Well, Mom and Dad,” our six year old started, "I got $1, but I'm short on cash and in my letter I asked for $5."

We immediately threw the look of disappointment right back to our oldest.   Holding back laughter, we then taught lessons on being grateful, fortunate and respectful.   At least they worked together.

Stay cool out there.



We officially launched N+B!  It would have been a little sooner but we had to figure out how to build a website and actually send out an's harder than it looks.  Still not 100% sure we have it right so bear with us.  

While we're launching our products today, N+B was actually born in 2005, 2007 and 2009.  It took us a while however, to learn what our problems were and even longer to find solutions.  Thomas Edison once said that he never actually failed, he only found 10,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb.   Like Edison, we found as many ways NOT to solve problems with our kids.  Fortunately, after a great deal of trial and error (and red wine), we came up with a few that work for us. 

Check us out when you get a chance.  We'd love your feedback and suggestions.  More importantly we'd love to hear if our products help you the way they've helped us.  Oh yeah, if you want to tell your friends about us that would be cool too. 

Stay cool out there.